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When hearing a new genre we tend to either gravitate towards the originality and overall potential of the newly paved lane, or get dissuaded from the sheer boldness that makes an experimental sound. With the case of Souljah Star we are faced with the question, is Hyper-Trap the new genre shaking the music industry today?

Watch what appears to be one of (if not the) only hyper-trap music videos out today:

Souljah Star – “Barney’s Bag” (Official Music Video | Masked Faces Exclusive)

What is Hyper-Trap?

Anyone who comes across this video is certain to be caught surprised with this “out-there” sound equipped with top-tier visuals (by non other than New England Boy). But even with the originality at hand, massive 808’s and a song that’s title is in reference to buying designer clothes most people could only dream of affording… the trap side of this new genre passes with ease. The “hyper” part of this newfound genre comes from the seemingly unstoppable “hyper-pop” genre (Artists like brakence David Shawty SEBii and more). All the glitches and twerks in the song could not be more accurately compared to anything but hyper-pop.

Souljah Star

Where Did Hyper-Trap Come From?

Taking a deeper look into Souljah Star’s work, it seems the artist’s prior works tend to have more trap/hip-hop roots than anything else. He can even be found going in on a Detroit beat sounding like he could be a part of ShittyBoyz in one of Souljah’s most recent videos, Sweet Revenge. Between that and some of his more cloud-rap songs from his past, it looks like Souljah Star could be pioneering his own sound with the help of the ever popular hyper-pop genre.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of where the sound comes from, it’s different. Upon first listen, a sound like the one at hand might not match the taste of those with cultured ears. However if a sound like this can gain traction (probably with the youth of today) we could quite possibly see the next explosion of an upcoming genre. So let us know what you think, is Hyper-Trap the new genre shaking the music industry today?

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