Lil House Phone + Big Grease Drop Music Video for “Target”

Lil House Phone from the popular podcast “The No Jumper Show” hops on a feature for Big Grease’s latest hit, “Target”. With such a riveting team of two artists on a track, it’s no wonder that No Jumper’s Lil House Phone + Big Grease Drop Music Video for “Target” as featured below:

Lil House Phone + Big Grease Drop Music Video for “Target”

Lil House Phone + Big Grease Drop Music Video for “Target”

Big Grease first came up on Masked Faces‘ radar earlier this year with our release of his music video for “Would Ya Look At It”. From that very music video submission it was clear we had something special in our hands. Low and behold that video ended up being Big Grease’s most watched video to date. Although, Big Grease only seems to be getting more comfortable every time he’s on the mic. With sizzling bars only an artist with the name Big Grease could cook up… This new track with the massive Lil House Phone feature certainly gives “WYLAI” a run for it’s money.

Diving Into the Video

Firstly, we are greeted with a Getta Beats beat equipped with that notorious Detroit sound. As a result, this tracks got a sound that would do great on TheHipHop Lab. Considering Grease is from Michigan, not much of a surprise with his beat choice. Visually there are a strong variety of scenes with frequent cuts between them. Hearing this may sound chaotic.. However, VFX Editor EatShitDie manages to not only seamlessly transition from one clip to the next throughout the video but also add a down-right tasteful amount of visual altercations. Grease further solidifies his signature sound in this release. Catchier bars and a fuller vocal delivery that has more oomph than ever before.

Lil House Phone Controversy

lil house phone
no jumper
Lil House Phone

The lyrical flow presented by House Phone on this track is on par with that of House Phone’s hits, like “Tokyo Goons” or “Telephono De Casa”. Moreover, Grease did a spectacular job setting House Phone up for his verse. House Phone even comes in swinging with heavy-hitting bars! Now to a novice ear, they may take all that at face value and add that song to a bangers playlist. However, anyone around the block long enough when it comes to hip-hop would have one line jump right out at them.
“I been fly, Never jugged anotha n***a steez, bars make you want to kill yourself like Capital STEEZ”
For those unfamiliar, the legendary Capital STEEZ founded the Beast Coast movement (Flatbush: Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies, and The Underachievers) which inevitably effected the New York area, but ultimately making a mark on hip-hop culture worldwide. Unfortunately Capital STEEZ committed suicide on December 24th, 2012.

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