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Bound by no genres or “scenes”

Founded in early 2016, Masked Faces is a platform based in New York to help deserving artists excel in their field.
Masked Faces is constantly expanding and greatly encourages community involvement in this Masked Faces project.

Services available are as follows:

  • promotional/journalism: premiering a song, advertising for a show, or trying to get a name out there
  • videography/photography: music videos, concert videos, photography both on and off the stage
  • recording: getting the right studio that accommodates a budget
  • management: help you and your team get organized, play shows, and ensure that social media accounts are active and growing
  • graphic design: connect with some of the best designers to make an idea come to life or acquire a premade design
  • web development: beyond social media accounts having a website is an important part of having a presence online



If you are interested in contacting Masked Faces, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].