Carrie Nives and BIGGIEBLACK Takes Bronx Drill Rap to New Heights

Bronx, New York, has long been a breeding ground for raw and authentic hip-hop talent, and the latest collaboration between Carrie Nives and BIGGIEBLACK, titled “HOOPING,” is proof that the borough continues to push the boundaries of drill rap. The recently released music video for “HOOPING” is making waves not only for its gritty beats and powerful lyrics but also for its captivating visuals that showcase the essence of Bronx street culture.

Carrie Nives: A Rising Star in Drill Rap

Carrie Nives, a prominent figure in the drill rap scene, has been steadily gaining recognition for her fierce delivery and unapologetic style. The collaboration with BIGGIEBLACK on “HOOPING” is a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend his distinctive voice with the hard-hitting beats that define the drill rap genre.

Nives’ journey in the music industry is spreading far and wide, being featured on various YouTube channels, solidifying his presence in the digital realm. Platforms like FlowtasticTV, HYPE, FCK THEM, I Am Hip-Hop, and HAUNTXR have all showcased his talent, contributing to his growing fan base.

The “HOOPING” Music Video: A Visual Feast

The music video for “HOOPING” takes viewers on a visual journey through the streets of the Bronx, capturing the essence of the drill rap culture. Directed by Anthraxx Studios with the help of YAHSEHR, the video is a gritty and authentic representation of the triumphs of life in the Bronx, featuring scenes from local neighborhoods.

The cinematography complements the raw energy of the track, with dynamic camera movements, intense close-ups, and vibrant colors that bring the lyrics to life. The video not only showcases the artists’ performance prowess but also serves as a visual homage to the Bronx and its influence on the drill rap movement.

Collaboration with BIGGIEBLACK:

BIGGIEBLACK, a fellow drill rap artist, joins forces with Carrie Nives on “HOOPING,” creating a powerful synergy that resonates throughout the track. The chemistry between the two artists is palpable, with their distinct styles blending seamlessly to create a sound that is both aggressive and compelling.

The lyrics of “HOOPING” delve into the realities of street life, offering a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs faced by those navigating the urban landscape. The collaboration between Nives and BIGGIEBLACK adds depth to the narrative, providing listeners with a multifaceted perspective on the drill rap genre.


The release of “HOOPING” and its accompanying music video marks a significant moment in the careers of Carrie Nives and BIGGIEBLACK. As they continue to make waves in the drill rap scene, their collaboration stands as a testament to the resilience and creativity emanating from the Bronx.

The gritty beats, powerful lyrics, and captivating visuals of “HOOPING” serve as a bold statement, reinforcing the influence of Bronx drill rap on the broader hip-hop landscape. With Carrie Nives’ rising star power and BIGGIEBLACK’s contribution, “HOOPING” is a must-watch for anyone looking to experience the raw and authentic energy of the Bronx drill rap scene.

Carrie Nives x BIGGIEBLACK – “HOOPING” (Official Music Video | Masked Faces Exclusive)

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