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Hyperpop Prodigy Unveils Their Most Anticipated Release

Music Today With more and more people actively connected to the world wide web each and everyday, it’s no surprise that there has since been a large rush of artists showcasing their work to said forum. Prior to the internet’s adoption, artists displaying their work to the masses was a pipe dream that only those...


Who is JacobyMccrayTM?

From the moment his video for “Sushi” started, I was faced with the question, who is JacobyMccrayTM? With his glitchy video edits and seamless song production, it’s no wonder his passionate work is still a topic of conversation all these months later. A topic of conversation that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon....

Souljah Star Hyper Trap

Is Hyper-Trap the New Genre Shaking the Music Industry?

When hearing a new genre we tend to either gravitate towards the originality and overall potential of the newly paved lane, or get dissuaded from the sheer boldness that makes an experimental sound. With the case of Souljah Star we are faced with the question, is Hyper-Trap the new genre shaking the music industry today?...