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With more and more people actively connected to the world wide web each and everyday, it’s no surprise that there has since been a large rush of artists showcasing their work to said forum. Prior to the internet’s adoption, artists displaying their work to the masses was a pipe dream that only those who signed their life away to record labels and giant corporations had even a chance at making it large. Whereas now, some of the most forward thinking and influential artists are not even tied down to major labels. XXXTentacion was a prime example of utilizing the tools he had to succeed in the vicious music industry, see more independent artists here.

Ultimately this new age of the music industry has opened up plenty of opportunities to any artists willing to put in the required work. With this surplus of artists and content, comes new genres and styles that would have otherwise never seen the light of day. But with such a plethora of sounds and styles, how are we possibly supposed to siphon through it all? Who is the diamond in the rough today?

Ladies and gentleman, I proudly present you with am.gwala’s music video for his hit song, “20s”! (See the full music video below!)

am.gwala – “20s” (Official Music Video | Masked Faces Exclusive)

Who is am.gwala?

Prior to this music video release, it appears as though am.gwala has only been releasing music for the past 2-3 years and no music videos up to this point. Despite a lack of visual representation of am.gwala’s work, the artist has been able to work with some notable names in the hyperpop space such as bleachh and salemgasmask. Considering those collaborations within the fresh soundscape of hyperpop and securing placement on one of the most notable music pages for up and coming artists, it is no wonder that am.gwala is bound for success.

The more artists can come together and empower one another the more reach and opportunities they will have access to. If am.gwala continues on this trajectory of strong collaborations and consistency the world is his for the taking!

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