Jail Time Cannot Stop This Star from Shining

Jail Time?

Those who have been around the Masked Faces block for some time are sure to remember Petro Sonny. We had the pleasure of interviewing Sonny just a few months prior to his incarceration. Well aware of the charges he could be facing at that time, Sonny managed to have high spirits during our conversation. For a better grasp of Petro Sonny’s background and upbringing, as well as more details on the case he dealt with and ultimately served time for, watch the full interview below.

Petro Sonny Interview Before Arrest (Masked Faces Exclusive)


If the title of this article has not already spoiled it, Petro Sonny was finally released from jail in 2022. Wasting no time, Sonny released his first song and music video post-discharge for his track, “Vulnerable“. This release was part of an effort to raise money to help cover the medical bills of his aunt who is battling cancer. Since the campaign’s launch they have impressively managed to bring in well over $10,000, and are creeping up on their $16,000 goal. That being said, anyone looking to contribute to the campaign can do so here.

Since the premiere of “Vulnerable”, Sonny has yet to drop another music video or even a song, until now. We couldn’t be more proud to be able to showcase his latest piece of visual and sonic expression for his newest track “Ocean Water”. Catch the wave now before streets all across the globe are flooded with fans of Sonny’s work! See the full music video for “Ocean Water” below!

PETRO SONNY – “OCEAN WATER” (Official Music Video | Masked Faces Exclusive)

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