Gunther and Nindō Show That Bad Habits Are Bad Ass

As soon as Director Svrgn reached out, I knew we were in for a treat. As if his work doesn’t speak for itself, the man has worked with the likes of 6ix9ine, ABG Neal and countless more culture shapers. He brings world-class video to the NYC hip hop underground scene and beyond. Props to him for exclusively working with some of the most promising artists. The prodigies he presents us with today are Gunther and Nindō with a new music video for their song “Bad Habits”.

“Bad Habits” is an instant classic. The song dives head first into the bad habits so many of us have. I can’t remember the last time I saw live music where nobody either had a bottle in hand, was smoking something fragrant or (my personal favorite sight) doing some type of pills, ideally crushed and then sniffed off someone’s buttox. After all, what’s more human than falling into temptation? But who am I to talk, I mean I missed out on that straight edge show a few days ago… Anyhow, lyrical integrity aside, it’s a crisp colorful ride of a video matched with a catchy banger of a track. This masterpiece might require quite a few rewatches so I’d advise approaching with caution.

Gunther and Nindō really bring us home with the essentials. Those obviously being Hennessy, smoking, women, nice cars and the whole lot. Match that with the majority of shots being held in daylight giving that comfortable warm glow from the sun, and you’ve got good vibes comparable to the earlier works of recently deceased Mac Miller. Neither of these artists seem to have too overwhelming of followings at the time of this article release, but at this time the song proudly holds more than 60k streams on soundcloud. Adding this video into the mixture might be the next major step for them in their musical careers. Stay connected to these artists to find out more:

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