Mikey Polo Interview

Listen to Mikey Polo go in depth on music life and more! From gang banging to heart break, Mikey artistically opens up on his past through both heart wrenching and party vibe tracks. With anime influences and more, Mikey is sure to be relatable for variety of fans. While some tracks can be trap anthems and others being RnB lullabies, you really never know what to expect with his future projects.

As if his artistic abilities weren’t enough, the man can now be found working with legendary music outlets namely, XXL, The Hype Magazine and ELEVATOR. Shockingly enough this established artist was humble enough to pop out to Dominick Alexander’s show with a number of local NYC openers as homage to the people who were there at the beginning of his career. Promising music and the ego a true leader is a dangerous combination that practically guarantees the man’s success.

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