Get DEAD with TmmyX & Duval

How much ass would you like to see today?

Follow up question, how many hard ass flows do you wanna hear today?

If your answer to both of those questions was “many,” boy have we got the video for you.

Directed by Tim Hunt, TmmyX & Duval come out with all guns blazing & all badonkadonks poppin’ in the video for their new banger, DEAD. Most of the video takes place in a bar alit with purple & pink lights, creating a moody scene for tattooed models to climb all over our good friend TmmyX. 

Does he kind of look like a youth minister with drugs & drip added to the equation? Sure, but that doesn’t mean he avoids baring his teeth by any means. As the ladies climb around & on top of him, he raps “the bitch stole my heart, ran a juug on me”, which is probably the hardest way you can say you fell in love. Even while dropping lines like that, he’s locked in a constant boxing match with the beat to see who can keep the highest energy level. His special move in this fight, of course, is his repeated shouting of the word “DEAD”, which barges through every time like fists through drywall.

The video editing doesn’t come with too many frills, but that’s for the best. The camera work is clean & professional, and the effects that end up popping in elevate the vibe without distracting from the actual subjects here, namely TmmyX & Duval.

Speaking of Duval, he very much does his thing on here as well. While TmmyX is a couple notches below screaming, Duval plays it cooler with a casual yet sinister flow that boasts its own personality. The lyricism isn’t out of this world, but it honestly doesn’t have to be. Keeping a strong, clear-cut approach, his coke-laced bars keep the hype going while offering a different sort of flavor for listeners to enjoy. 

And that’s exactly what listeners are going to do with this song: enjoy it. If you’re a fan of City Morgue, $uicideboy$, or any of the other major players in the heavier rap scene, I’m confident you’re gonna vibe with this one.

Be sure to check it out here, and stay tuned with Masked Faces for more primo music sounds.


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