Two Feet Delivers Dark, Sultry Songs Backed  by His Trusty Electric Guitar

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There are so many artists hoping to catch a break in the alternative scene, but only a few are able to rise above the others. Bill Dess, stage name Two Feet, is one of the lucky ones. After his single “Go F— Yourself” became a viral hit on SoundCloud, he was able to sign with Republic Records. This led to him releasing a couple of EPs, which shot the singer-songwriter into the public conscious after he reached #1 on the Billboard Alternative chart for his song “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” in 2018. Since then, Two Feet has become one of the most loved musicians in the industry thanks to the brazen, sensual sound of his music.

Influences and Sound

Although his genre is mainly electronic and alternative rock, Dess used to play locally in jazz and blues ensembles. This is perhaps where he gets his stylistic influences from, heard in the soulful vocals, bluesy riffs, and jazzy undertones in his songs. He also adds his personal touch through the use of bass, synth melodies, and booming drums. He shares that when he was just starting out, he had to turn to electronic drums because the neighbors would call the cops on his noise. Nonetheless, the combination of strings and beats can send chills down your spine. In his old Google Play bio, he describes his music as “the soundtrack for staying up late into the night, aching to figure out how to remedy heartbreak, anxiety, and uncertainty”; we think this encapsulates the feel of his music to the T.

Most of his songs are guitar-heavy, similar to other prominent alternative artists that blew up around the same time he did, such as The 1975, Twenty-One Pilots, and fellow one-man-act Sub Urban. As someone who relied heavily on making guitar-centric compositions, embracing technology was one of his best decisions. Dess started out making songs with just his electric guitar, a beat-up microphone, and trusty old Ableton. Now, he performs around the world with the same Fender American Stratocaster — this time, it’s customized by Paul Nieto with 1950s single coils and a humbucker in the middle position. Besides his Fenders in white, red, and olive green, Two Feet also owns a Martin D-42.

Up Close and Personal

Lyrics-wise, Two Feet dances between metaphor to metaphor, relaying personal musings and telling stories that sound so vivid, thanks to the accompanying sultry melodies of his guitar. He shares that his writing imparts personal stories and parts of his life, and this is made obvious in his full-length records “Pink” and “Max Maco Is Dead Right?” For him, music is a therapeutic outlet and deems it essential to his existence. Fans love how authentic he is about his passion for his creations, and they also love how open he is about how he copes with fame, anxiety, and everything in between.

Now, he has more than 500 million listens and 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Two Feet ended the year with a collaboration with alternative rocker grandson for the electronic-soul single “Until I Come Home”, and kicked off his North American tour in November. Listeners are looking forward to how his music will evolve, and how his career will blossom in the following years.

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