Brooklyn Metal Band, Makes My Blood Dance, Channels the Roarin’ Twenties in “Beaming Right Up”

Featuring some nice guitar work and catchy melodies, “Beaming Right Up” is a solid party-metal anthem, the newest release from Brooklyn-based band, Makes My Blood Dance. The video takes distinct 1920s imagery (complete with flappers) and amps it up to the level of shredding and headbanging to the music. These scenes, mixed with shots of a modern live show, give the whole thing a trippy, dream sequence kind of feeling.

The music doesn’t hold much back. The guitar and bass lay down a heavy groove in the verse, before giving way to a harmonized chorus where frontman, and creator of the video, Evan Russel Saffer, shows off his chops. Makes My Blood Dance slides in and out of styles of heavy music spanning decades, so it’s fitting that the inspiration of this video is a throwback to partying in the 20s.

And party they do.

It’s pretty over the top, and yet the production is stellar, and a ripping guitar solo takes the track from weird, to kinda awesome. I probably wouldn’t be as down with this, but it’s endearingly catchy, and the band is tight as hell.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing what else these guys come up with.

In any case, the music video for “Beaming Right Up” looks great visually. And while their music fills kind of a small niche, I gotta give it to these guys for originality if nothing else.

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Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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