OG Steever x Machine Gun Kelly Collab?!

The story of OG Steever is an unusual and very eccentric one – but it’s a success story all the same.

OG Steever started releasing hip hop/ rap music as a therapeutic release of his emotions. As time went on, this means of dealing with emotions quickly blossomed into a serious music career with a devout fan base eager to stay along for the ride of this artists journey. Originally his fans and the general public alike put OG Steever into the “emo rapper” category, with the likes of the late passing Juice Wrld and XXXTENTACION. He started gaining a considerable amount of traction as his most popular single to date “Not Enough” surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify.

OG Steever has continued into the “emo rap” scene but recently started venturing into the realm of pop punk. His newest single “Deficiency“ has taken him out of the box he was placed in and proved the artists’ versatility. While diving deep into this more punk sound, OG Steever has high hopes to collaborate with the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, YungBlud, and POORSTACY. If Steever continues the good momentum with consistent releases making strong waves online, his dreams of collaborating with some billboarding artists may not be so out of reach.

Listen to “Deficiency” by OG Steever Below:

OG Steever – “Deficiency”

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