AJ Avenue Goes Off on “Black  Politics”

AJ AVENUE delivers a strong platter of drill tracks in his latest album, “Black Politics”. This album shows just how far this artist can take the scene right now. From calmer vibes to trap bangers, AJ is certain to appease a wide audience, no matter the listeners’ preferred style. Each of the 9 tracks serve their own purpose in forms of showcasing AJ’s talent for the greater good of the album.

Black Politics

“Black Politics” is an old school recipe with new age seasoning. AJ AVENUE shows a taste of the extent of his versatility in this release. This album draws inspiration from a multitude of artists and genres spanning across generations. Decades of culture wrapped up into one modern digestible tape is what AJ AVENUE has managed to do with this release. “Black Politics” will bring you back to early 2000’s, listening to “Three-6-Mafia” on a beat up mp3 player… all the way to modern catchy club hits that got ladies twerking all the way out of their Ubers and into the venue.

AJ AVENUE – “Black Politics”

Music Video

“AJ AVENUE” continues to showcase his talents in the release of the accompanying music video, “Strap On Me”, the sixth song of the tape. The catchy song paired with AJ’s fierce demeanor boils down to hard hitting bop certain to appease the masses. For anyone who might not be familiar with AJ AVENUE’s work, there’s no better place to start than this video. Displaying a strong variety of AJ’s abilities, this cinematic journey might just be the gem of the whole album release.


AJ AVENUE’s personality and smooth swagger could probably sell “Black Politics” on charm alone. Although, with the vast selection of styles incorporated and songs to choose from, both image and music do this artist justice. However, the beauty will always be in the eyes of the beholder, decide for yourself by streaming “Black Politics” here.

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