In a world where plagiarizing the most recent piece of successful music seems to be understood as the means of becoming the next star, it’s rare that something really stands out. Racks Payne, released on August 26th, 2022, immediately sticks out by keeping things simple ultimately. Staying true to the roots of Rap & Hip-Hop, NikkyRacks doesn’t feel the need to clutter his music with some of the nuances found so frequently in the music of today. Instead of striving to be the hottest gimmick of the week by carefully scoping out what would be the most triggering ad libs to add into songs, Racks spends his efforts by cultivating more timeless music.

It’s not to say that NikkyRacks is out of touch with what’s going on in modern music (like when Lil Wayne assumed 21 savage was a group of 21 rappers, yikes). As a matter of fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We were originally put on to NikkyRacks in 2019 around the time we interviewed Racks at a local Brooklyn underground show. Not only is NikkyRacks tapped into the local music scene but he goes as far as to show face, a practice which far too many artists sleep on. But for those who have made it out to the local shows and are aware of what’s hot in the world of hip-hop and rap, it’s been hard to get away from the infamous sub-genre, drill. NikkyRacks bodies a drill beat on his fourth track of the new album, “Run It”. This is certainly a unique rendition of drill music, keeping the music more digestible and less unnecessarily noisy . This song feels more like a NikkyRacks song on a drill beat rather than an unnatural attempt of forcing himself into the drill scene.

Racks Payne Tracklist

Racks Payne, Racks’ first full length album release, serves as the locomotive for NikkyRacks entire career. Diving deeper into his sound and previous single releases, it’s clear that his sound has been present for years. Since 2019 when NikkyRacks dropped his first EP, Flux, that sound has carefully evolved into what we now hear today in Racks Payne. Heavy hitting bass, a flow that is smooth as butter and world class production is not something often seen with an artists introductory album release. And let’s not forget Racks’ previous music video releases (see below article). All things considered, with the momentum that Racks has developed since the birth of his career, he has the upmost potential to take his career wherever he pleases. Stay tuned, and follow NikkyRacks!


NikkyRacks x Jaydo Shotz – “PRESSURE”

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