Petro Sonny Interview
Petro Sonny

While on the road, Braj had the opportunity to sit down with Tucson, Arizona’s very own Petro Sonny to talk about his music and life. You may know the 23-year-old rising artist from his hit singles Big Choppa and Por Que Dices Que Mi Mas.

Who is Petro Sunny?

Petro Sonny is an artist out of Tucson, AZ, who leans primarily toward rap in his craft. However, he incorporates singing Latin and more. To further pursue his interest in the creative arts, Petro even started attending college with a focus on fashion design.

Petro wasn’t always a rising artist with college ambitions. Having lost both parents before the age of 14, his mom to cancer and his dad to a bus accident, he found himself alone. After that, it became easy for Petro to get mixed in with the wrong crowds, ultimately catching state charges. Consequently, he was on probation and could not leave the county at the time of the Masked Faces interview.

Petro Sonny’s Tucson Takeover

Petro Sonny

Petro Sonny uses music as a way to express himself and says that having a daughter inspired him to take his artistic pursuits to a whole new level. His drive and grit quickly earned him a name for himself. In the interview, Braj points out his impressive visual content. Petro says that he likes to put visuals behind as much of his music as possible because he knows many lack the patience to just listen intently to a whole album or even a song. He attributes a large part of his success to his music videos.

Being one of the biggest artists in Tucson, Arizona has brought a lot of opportunities to Petro. He says whenever an artist comes into town looking for studio time, gigs, or anything music related, his name gets pulled into the conversation. As a result, Petro Sonny has found himself mixed in with a lot of well-known names including JDF who is known for filming Roddy Rich’s music videos, one of which Petro was present on set.

Additionally, he found himself in works with Big U, affiliated with LA’s Rollin’ 60s and Nipsey Hussle. He even recorded some tracks with Ricky P, one of Wiz Khalifa’s main engineers, and was in works with Lil Keed’s manager to plan a collaboration.

Interview and Arrest

Before Petro Sonny had the opportunity to release these tracks, three of his spots were raided by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) due to the nature of content in his Big Choppa music video. Petro says in the interview that every person in that video is now in custody. You can watch the full interview with Petro Sonny below.

At the time of the Masked Faces interview, the Tuscon artist was on pre-trial. Since then, Petro Sonny has been incarcerated in the Pima County Jail. He has asked that people write him letters.

You can send letters to:
Sevigney Philbain Avila
2Q Rm 1 B3
P.O Box 951
Tucson, Arizona 85702

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