Haiko - "Star PWR"

Haiko has finally premiered the long-anticipated music video for “Star PWR”, and it doesn’t disappoint. The best music videos are the ones that perfectly embody both the song’s lyrics and sonic palette. The Star PWR music video is an immersive experience that does just that.

“Star PWR” Single

"Star PWR" Cover Art

The “Star PWR” single released in January quickly garnered over 50,000 streams and received wide media coverage. The single was Haiko’s most dynamic and layered arrangement yet, with a clear interest in working on beats that push away from recycled classics. The song alternates between a biographical musing and a shifting fantasy. Haiko conveys dark tranquil undertones that crescendo into strident timbres over a percussion-soaked heartbeat; a blood pumping combination. Blending invigorating riffs with futuristic embellishments, “Star PWR” will transport you into a lucid dream. It’s a sonically amazing combination of two beats and two stories.

Creative Brilliance

The Star PWR music video was shot and chopped by the talented Controverse. Controverse previously filmed and edited the music videos for Haiko’s “Creepin”, “My Way”, and “Pink Stain” ft. Nessly. The two have such a successful collaborative history together that the Star PWR music video was fated for the creative brilliance it displays. The video features countless effects including green screening, glitching, sketched out lyrics, warped pacing, and kaleidoscope transitions. It has overlapping and simultaneous scenes of smoke and mirrors, abandon warehouses, skyline views, and a live performance at Mercury Lounge. The material was filmed in several locations throughout Los Angeles, New York City, and the Hamptons. 

Haiko’s World

The overarching narrative of the track centers around a dream of fame, recognition, and money, mixed with the reality of being broke, liked for the moment, and trying to come up. The boastfulness inside the song reflects in the video. But it isn’t a distasteful rap video about cars and flashy jewelry. It’s doing that in a classier, more calculated fashion. Though it involves many components, Controverse found a fresh way to blend all these elements without being overcomplicated. The video perfectly compliments the song’s frenetic energy. Haiko’s world keeps growing, and so does its pull on you. Watch the full Star PWR music video below.

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Haiko – “Star PWR”

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