Haiko is an up-and-coming rapper from the Bronx who came onto the scene in 2018 with the EP “Temporary”.  With a background in both DJing and playing in hardcore bands, Haiko has come up through various musical trends over the years and has thus proven his ability to adapt to the constantly changing musical landscape of the 21st century.  As a rapper, Haiko aims to carry the new wave of melodic trap into the 2020s.  

Haiko’s Work

With the clear influence of Travis Scott and Future, Haiko has some of the catchiest music in New York’s underground right now.  There’s no one obvious choice as to where to start with his discography, as every one of his songs has an immediate crowd appeal, but of any of his songs the first one that comes to mind is “My Way”.  “My Way” is an instantly accessible club banger that features Starfoxlaflare on its hook and simply demands to be sung along to.  

“Pink Stain” is another song which will appeal to just about anybody with a pair of ears.  A tad more aggressive than his other singles, “Pink Stain” is one of the stronger displays of Haiko’s vocal abilities.  The natural rasp in his voice gives a raw and human quality to his performance, cutting through the auto-tune and allowing him to maintain the individuality which many vocalists in this subgenre lack.  


“Better For You”, one of Haiko’s more recent songs which was just uploaded last month, displays a starkly serene contrast to his usually upbeat party anthems.  Instrumentally, it is based around a few simple guitar chords washed out in a sea of reverb, and is entirely free of drums.  Lyrically, it is a reflection on Haiko’s past, present, and future.  It is arguably his most earnest and heartfelt song, dealing with themes of love, heartbreak, nostalgia, and hope.  The video contributes heavily to these themes; it is much more raw and low-tech than his others and appears to mostly be filmed on an iPhone with a VHS filter thrown on top.  Images of parties are strewn together with subway rides, studio sessions, and a few of Haiko’s past shows.  

Moving Forward

Keep your eyes on Haiko; there is some very strong potential on display here.  When quarantine finally ends, try to catch one of his high-energy live performances.  His next video, “STAR PWR”, will also be released soon.  Check out his music here & keep up to date with this promising artist!

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