Chrissy C Releases “Moving & Grooving” Music Video

Rockland County’s finest, Chrissy C releases his first official music video for a song called “Moving & Grooving”. Highlighting his hometown, Nanuet, NY it seems clear that Chris has respect for this place. Chris even mentioned his appreciation for his hometown in his Artist Profile, where he also mentioned that his location had a large influence in the music he listens to today especially considering its’ closeness to New York City. Beyond that, Chrissy C also put a focus on his favorite sport baseball with scenes of him playing wiffleball and embracing the New York Yankees famous baseball cap. Despite just how much there is to Chrissy C, he seems to paint a picture of a young man who loves his roots with a passion for a game of ball.

The music here offers clean rhymes over Chris’ own lo-fi beat. There seems to be an overlying theme of being lost in the song, but Chris’ approach to his music allows him to keep things calm throughout the track. This creative outlook paints Chris as an artist who is not afraid to speak his mind but also has the confidence to accept whatever he is handed in life. To dig deeper into his true character we reached out in an attempt to get a few words on the release, this is what he said, “I guess that I’ve always wanted to do something with music and it’s cool that I’m finally getting to do that.”. It’s no wonder that this small town artist is starting to make a serious dent in the local community’s hip-hop scene as well as breaking into that of New York City. If Chrissy C is able to keep up the quality work, there’s no telling where he can go!

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