Black Speech by Chevalien – Music Video Review

BLACK SPEECH — the newest video by Chevalien rips and rumbles from the darkest reaches of the rapper’s psyche straight through your speakers.  Claustrophobia is the name of the game and Chevalien plays it well,  putting together an uber-heavy, industrial production and raps that hang off-kilter, delivered with an uneven accent and overwhelming urgency.

It’s the way that Chevalien forces you into a box, or maybe a grave you could say, and dances on it. All these interesting choices and risks being taken, and none of them miss the mark. The song opens with a tribal drum beat, because, well, it just kinda works. Likewise, when they go into a hardcore style breakdown, where the bass really blares out and the beat slows to a crawl, that’s the moment when the brain decides “yes, that’ll do, release the dopamine, stat”.

All in all, I think this track really exemplifies a lot of the qualities that make music interesting. Chevalien is more of a genre buster than genre mixer, treating all these different influences like colors to splash together on canvas. It creates a stimulating effect when paired with the video, which adds another layer of grimdark to the whole ordeal. It stays true to the original aesthetic throughout, while also introducing more disturbing elements, bit by bit. I really can’t overstate how much I enjoyed this music video, from the subtle nuances that suggest a larger message, to the straight up horror shots of undead hands reaching through a hole in the ground. It all lends itself to the hook/message of the track, an accusing refrain of “you no more human”.

Highly recommend you check out “Black Speech” by Chevalien, available on YouTube now. I also enjoyed looking at some of their other stuff,  “Bleu Blanc Blood” and “Sunderground” are definitely worth checking out if you enjoyed this.

But let me know what you think down below 👇👇

  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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