Have Y’all Seen the Video for BLOOD KLOT by KXNG?

Well, have you?

Cause this shit is nuts.

We’ll talk about the ferocious & catchy banger KXNG laid down in a bit, but I want to take a moment to salute Rick Lancaster. Wow. God DAMN. He shot, directed & edited this hot mamajama, and boy did he fuckin’ DO IT.

I’m prone to losing focus when watching most music videos, I’ll admit it. Even if I love the artist, I can only watch so many videos of them partying before I start mentally phasing it out. Rick & KXNG didn’t give me an ounce of that.

What I was given, though, was a visual sledgehammer to the temple. The arsenal of effects & camera tricks Rick brings together here would make Cole Bennett do a double take. I was enthralled from the second KXNG crash-landed onto a very fragile-looking (but apparently invincible) wooden chair. To every editor out there: unless you’re putting in this level of thought & effort, don’t bother dropping.

The energy he brings to the table has permanently raised my standard, but it obviously isn’t just coming from Rick. To say that KXNG popped off would be comical understatement. Fuck the glock, fuck the AK, my man snatched some nuclear launch codes & let the shit fly.

Catchiness isn’t usually what I look for in a track like this, but it’s a welcome surprise. The chorus kicks off & wraps up this track in a way that one would expect from the top tier of SoundCloud Classics™. “IT IS WHAT IT IS, HO!”

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what else to say? I mean shit, man, it slaps. Whether you’re taking a little road trip to commit murder or want to get yourself especially hyped to buy groceries, this track belongs in your ear holes. I’ll leave it at that. Peace & love, my beautiful friends.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Let us know what you think in the comments, the full video can be found below.

KXNG – BLOOD KLOT (Offical Music Video)

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