Artist Profile: OG Steever
OG Steever

Sprouting from South Florida, OG Steever is an outstanding upcoming artist. Coming from an area with such an established sound as Florida, it takes something special to stand out. People like XXXTENTACION, Denzel Curry and so many other legends started and ultimately blew up largely thanks to the Florida music scene.

What Makes OG Steever Stand Out?

Over the past year or two, the type of artists that I’ve seen coming out of Florida has been less of a variety, and more of a polished style that I’ll call tropical trap (think artists like 9lokknine). That style of music is quite digestible by any fan of modern hip-hop, but at this point it’s starting to feel played out.

Fortunately, OG Steever not only has a different sound, but arguably a whole separate style and approach overall. While the artists around him go on about the same topics that have been popular throughout the genre’s history (money, guns, girls and drugs), Steever is non of the sort. Instead, Steever’s work feels like more like an artistic display of the artist’s perspective of life, rather than a cheap attempt to please the masses.

Taking a closer look into some of the tracks that OG Steever has released, there is so much to go over. With only about 3-4 years of releases under his belt, you can actually listen to him go from one of those not so outstanding artists in Florida to going head first in his own lane. Trippy, dark, melodic, hard, I could keep going on describing all the different elements throughout Steever’s music. You’re best off just diving into the mans discography yourself. Do yourself a favor and start with his latest music video below!

OG Steever – Sacrificial (Official Music Video)

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