There is a lot to be said about the strong variety of tracks SNXP has available to the public. From the hard hitting beats to the clever rhymes, SNXP is constantly further evolving. Between placements on DarkTones 暗いトーン, VoidTracks, IDLEGLANCE & more, it’s important not to overlook the core of SNXP’s musical creations.

According to SNXP’s SoundCloud, this promising Lancaster (PA) artist has had consistent music releases for the past 4 years. And sure plenty of artists have released tracks for years, but haven’t taken it further than that. In the case of SNXP, however, there’s a bigger message behind his works. With every release he paints this message more clearly. Have a listen to SNXP’s most recent piece of work below:

SNXP – GOD DOESN’T LOVE YOU (Prod. by Wendigo)

“GOD DOESN’T LOVE YOU” by SNXP is a more blatant display of SNXP’s talent than some of his preceding works. This song features a 90’s boom-bap beat produced by non-other than Spider Gang legend, Wendigo. The beat graces us with a more personal taste of SNXP’s style as opposed to what we might hear in one of his tracks with a meatier beat. And beyond Wendigo, in prior works, SNXP has songs with Gizmo 83hades and plenty of other modern day music legends. But whether a SNXP track is old or new that old-school classic rap flow is most certainly there.

A solidified style, top tier music videos (as seen below) and the many supporter’s of SNXP’s work puts the artist ahead of most artists attempting to compete. In fact SNXP’s undeniable love for the music at hand probably sways him away from the idea he’s competing with anyone in the rap game. All his works sound so naturally executed, as if he has no choice in the matter of what he is doing. It’s clear that SNXP is preserving the art of wordplay in his music, but one could even further, as to say he is keeping old-school hip-hop alive in the world of modern day music.

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