Artist Profile: Lord Tiller
Lord Tiller

Lord Tiller is a fairly new hip-hop artist sprouting from non-other than the Bronx in New York City. With only a couple years worth of releases, Tiller has made an astonishing amount of progress. From the sounds of his anthems to visuals and the overall “Lord Tiller” brand seems to be on the up and up with no chance of slowing any time soon!

No matter which track a listener decides to start with when listening to Lord Tiller, you’ll always be met with an infectious fun vibe. That’s not to say that Lord Tiller has predictable sound, but rather the artist has a special sound that sticks out and resonates with listeners’ ears. This sound gets more developed with each release. Tiller really went from that classic DIY setup in presumably a bedroom all the way to a world class sound. And his visual presence is more vibrantly alive than ever before. Collaborating with one of New York’s top videographers, Controverse, on his latest video for “Man of the Year”, get an idea for Lord Tiller below:

Lord Tiller – “Man of the Year” (Official Music Video | Masked Faces Exclusive)

Lord Tiller seems to be making all the right plays in time for shows to officially come back (considering COVID-19). But prior to the show shutdown, Tiller mentioned in a phone call that he was just starting to get comfortable on stage by the time shows stopped. With his plethora of releases, better quality content across the board and so much more, only time will tell what will be in store for his listeners.

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