Is ADVPTR SoundCloud’s Latest Victim?

Since the insurrection of Masked Faces (5 years ago this month) we have always tried our best to make this community as inclusive as possible. In fact, going deeper into Masked Faces history you’ll be able to unearth the days when our content was mostly focusing on the music of bands, rather than that of solo artists. However, as time went on we found a lot of those musicians that were in bands started making the move to music more along the lines of what you would find on SoundCloud (as opposed to something like bandcamp). Turns out one of the latest artists to hit Masked Faces’ radar, ADVPTR, may just be SoundCloud’s Latest Victim.


Prior to Soundcloud being as large and influential as it is today there was quite an active community of bands that has since shrunk tremendously. Before ADVPTR branched out into the rap/hip-hop world, he was deep in this community of bands, even a part of a progressive rock band that went by the name Nekota. This background can explain quite a bit when it comes to ADVPTR’s current style of music. Whether it be the heavier vocals found in parts of songs, or the shear variety of influences for each individual track, his music could easily be considered on the more experimental side of things.

With ADVPTR’s vast musical background it’s no wonder why his experimental tracks sound authentically great. His history reminds me of the likes of somebody like David Bowie who practically disobeyed every rule of music to become one of the most world renowned musicians to ever grace the earth. So long as ADVPTR’s stays consistence, there’s ultimately no reason why he wouldn’t be able to follow in the likes of Bowie’s footsteps.

No matter the faith I might have in ADVPTR’s career, no one will never understand until they dive deep into the artist’s discography for themselves. With only a couple years of work under the name ADVPTR, tuning in now may be one of the only opportunities do so before ADVPTR seriously catches some traction. His most polished piece of work to date is his self-titled EP, coming out on February 17th, be sure to pre-save here. Without giving away too much about this release I will say you can expect a feature from the notorious Moxas on there. And with big plans even after this release (some of which include works with even bigger artists than Moxas), in due time every move ADVPTR makes will shake the industry.

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