Is LJ BRONX The Next King of New York?
PrettyBoyLude – “Perfect Timing” Ft. Lj Bronx (Official Music Video | Masked Faces Exclusive)

Who is LJ BRONX?

Earlier last year, LJ Bronx was first put on Masked Faces’ radar with PrettyBoyLude’s music video release for “Perfect Timing” featuring LJ Bronx. As day one supporters of PrettyBoyLude, we were not surprised in the slightest at this notable feature from an unknown artist. PrettyBoyLude is known to release only the best work he can make come to fruition. Not soon after the release of “Perfect Timing”, it was clear that LJ Bronx was on a very similar wavelength… Aiming to do so much more than merely put out songs into what can seem like a wildly unpredictable landscape we know as the music market.


Looking a bit deeper into LJ Bronx’s music career can most accurately be described as daunting. As it stands today there might be a small handful of tracks that either LJ Bronx has released or been featured on. The most puzzling part of this is how in the world could someone with such a small repertoire of tracks have such an established sound?

After checking every major music outlet online, it seems as though his first official track, “Trvp” was released on December 2, 2019. Judging from other tracks we’ve heard this one stands out as having a bit of a different feel/style to it. To put it bluntly, that track maybe went a bit too overkill with the amount of autotune being used. But on the other side of the coin this song could have very well been a necessary stepping stone to get that crisp LJ Bronx sound we hear throughout seemingly all his other tracks today.

Only one month after LJ Bronx’s first known music video appearance (in “Perfect Timing”), he managed to sweep us off our feet yet again with his release of “Ten Toes”. Another lavish video, this time featuring a Lamborghini, the stunning yungbbyave and of course all the paraphernalia LJ Bronx is notorious for. It’s important to note that this would have been the first collaboration between LJ Bronx and Silverfade Media, the media team LJ Bronx now claims as his go to camera crew (as stated in the interview found towards the bottom of this article).

LJ Bronx – “Ten Toes” (Official Music Video | Masked Faces Exclusive)

LJ BRONX in 2021

Fast forward all the way to the beginning of this month, and we finally got the next LJ Bronx music video. Named after the acronym “NBA” (Never Broke Again). This video marks the beginning of a series of releases that may very well be the kickstart LJ Bronx needs to solidify his career in the music world. “February 5” is the name for this series, where LJ Bronx attempts to drop a whopping 5 music videos throughout the month of February. Truth be told I’m not sure if I’ve seen someone in the realm of hip-hop/rap with plans to release that frequently since the likes of artists like Famous Dex or Lil Peep in their respective primes.

LJ BRONX – “NBA” (Official Music Video | Masked Faces Exclusive)

With less than half the month left to follow through on the remaining four music video releases, LJ Bronx certainly has his supporters on the edge of their seats. Now I’m sure some of you reading that instantly doubt this idea properly coming to fruition in a timely manner. However earlier this week we had the chance to sit down with LJ Bronx and really get an idea of where he’s at with everything (even beyond “February 5”). Not only does LJ Bronx sound determined to execute “February 5” but he has more releases that are due to come out essentially right after February.

Exclusive Content

As far as information online about LJ Bronx’s music, we’ve covered more or less all of the key points. I mean other than touching on some of his supporters uploading videos of LJ Bronx… but LJ Bronx goes over that as well as so much more you would not be able to find on the internet in our interview below:

It seems like LJ Bronx is really putting his all into this relatively newfound music career. This could very possibly be the early chapters of an underground artist rising to the top and ultimately becoming a household name. If this type of momentum or anything close is kept, it’s truly just a matter of time before LJ BRONX will be crowned the king of New York.

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