The Inoculated Canaries are Cheekiness at its Finest

The Inoculated Canaries (what a band name), have released a killer music video to go with their newest single “Donna.” If you want the classic old school rock sound with an updated modern vibe, then The Inoculated Canaries are the ones for you. They’re a four-piece rock outfit from New York City whose influences come from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Black Keys, and Nirvana. Influences is the keyword here because the sound of The Inoculated Canaries in “Donna” is very upbeat and errs slightly more on the pop side than the punk side. Though the cheekiness of the song is absolutely rooted in the band’s punk-rock influences.

The moment I heard that first beat hit, I was in love. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the inclusion of brass in a modern band, which The Inoculated Canaries definitely have the perfect amount of. But I think it has everything to do with the fact that “Donna” is an absolute bop. Not to mention the music video is as quirky and classic as the band itself.

a black and white photo of The Inoculated Canaries all leaning against each other.

Singer/Guitarist Mike Rubin says, “The lyrics to “Donna” are very tongue and cheek. The song is not meant to take itself too seriously.” Which I think is absolutely perfect in a time where so many things have to be taken super seriously. “Donna” is the perfect way to just jam out on any day and forget about your troubles for the blissful four minutes and six seconds that the song graces your environment with.

Once you’ve checked out this awesome music video, you’ll probably be wanting to see some more of these guys. Well luckily for y’all on the Eastcoast, they’ve got two shows coming up.

Catch the guys in action at:

Thursday, November 7 @ 7:00PM 
The Inoculated Canaries at Arlene’s Grocery 
Arlene’s Grocery, NY, NY

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