Is This Multi-Genre Powerhouse the Next Collective to Break the Underground?
Born Dead Entertainment

Born Dead Entertainment

Born Dead Entertainment (BDE), managed by Jameson Chapman (@jameson.chapman) is a music collective full of innovative minds. These promising minds consist of VOID GANG, BD saiya, Yung Tensai, LondonWolf, tonedeaf, Benny Velour & KOLP THE PROPHIT. Each artist holds their ground as being an essential piece of the BDE puzzle.


VOID GANG (@voidgangcult) is comprised of SLUM (@slum_is_tired) & zugzwang (@lordofthaflies). With heavy hitting beats and unforgiving bars, VOID GANG brings an infectious amount of high energy! They might be just as bizarre as they are energetic but their confident approach seems to patch any and all uncertainties. View the video below to get a better idea of picture these artists paint:

BD saiya

BD saiya (@whois.saiya) brings clean melodies and 90’s-esque rap verses to the collective. Saiya is constantly releasing new music with a multitude of different styles, leaving his audience with a healthy selection of tracks to choose from for whatever one might be feeling. From songs that push people to follow their dreams to more modern songs about living life in the moment, Saiya is certain to have you covered. Check out this promising up and coming artist below:

Yung Tensai

Yung Tensai (@officialyungtensai) has so much groove in his style that his songs are certain to get even the stiffest of listeners on their feet dancing around to his bangers! And even for his tracks that might not be considered bangers, they are well worth feeling out, as raw emotions are clearly poured into each and every track he touches. Experience this unforgettable artist below:


LondonWolf ( dominates lo-fi hip-hop beats coated with thick 808’s. LondonWolf’s content has that warming DIY feel to it without losing any quality of content. Comparable to Lil Peep’s style, Wolf doesn’t putting on any type of front in his music. Instead he is sticking to what’s real to him and capturing it verse after verse, home video after home video. Get a taste of LondonWolf’s style below:


tonedeaf (@tonedeafsound1) provides spacey hip-hop with jaw dropping visuals. It’s clear that his artistry runs so much deeper than music, and as far as I’m concerned that is exactly what landed his unique style into this powerful collective. Have a gander at this artist’s captivating work below! But don’t be mistaken, this is not an Aaron Carter side project despite what this artist may look like.

Benny Velour

Despite only having three songs up on Soundcloud, at the time of this article’s release, it’s no wonder why Benny Velour (@bennyvelour) is a part of something bigger than himself. Each and every song is an absolute banger. With a couple of older songs that sound like they belong on big time radio, Velour’s latest track defies any standards set by bringing more energy than ever before. Check out that latest track below and get a feel for why you need to keep tabs on this prodigy of an artist.


Busting 808’s and full on aggresive bars, KOLPTHEPROPHIT (@kolptheprophit) is surely making a statement. Keep in mind this artist dives into other styles as well, but the high energy mosh ready music is clearly at the forefront of this artist’s catalog. If you think you’re ready for such a bold artist, I invite you to explore the video below, but just to be clear we did warn you as to what you were getting into.

Thumbnail Photo Credit: @squidnolife

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