Sammi Rae & Los Vegas Keep Summer Going with Ella Se Atreve

I am full & well aware of what it says on the calendar, but god damn it I need to twerk alone on my porch for just a little bit longer, so summer can’t be over yet. Thankfully, Sammi Rae & Los Vegas agree, and they’ve come through with one last sunny banger in the form of their new single, Ella Se Atreve. This is the third single coming from the duo, with their first two tracks, Escapate & Baby Baila, bringing similarly spicy reggaeton flavors with booming vocals. This time around, they’re yet again flexing their vocal & energetic chemistry, with their parts flowing into each other with a river’s smoothness.

Their third track takes on the story of a potential relationship on the verge of blossoming, with the call of the single life still ringing loudly in the background. What’s more important, then: hitting the club & throwing that ass in more than several circles, or cuddling up with your boo? I’m not sure. All I know is that I feel like a bad bitch when this comes on & am not responsible for my actions until the song’s over.


They’ve got more fire coming, too, along with concerts to keep you dancing through the fall. Make sure you keep checking in with Sammi Rae and Los Vegas on Instagram & Facebook for more details, and be sure to follow Sammi Rae on Soundcloud!

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