Jayrahx is a Time Bender with a Full Range of Emotions

We are thrilled to bring forth another double release from Jayrahx (See the first release here). The first track we are bringing you today is certainly the lighter of the two releases, “Emotional”. As one could probably imagine, this track shows a more tender side of Jay. Take a moment to go on a journey through time and space with Jay in the video below:

Jayrahx – “EMOTIONAL” (MF Exclusive)

As for the second release, “BEND TIME” is truly a special video for us to release. After all, this is the first time we are seeing Jayrahx leave his video studio… But seriously, this is a track to just vibe out to. Showing Jay’s more “upbeat” side, this video was edited just enough to keep things interesting while seamlessly keeping the video digestible. Full video below:

Jayrahx – “BEND TIME” (MF Exclusive)

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