Donald Trump Protest Cartoon

In the latest installment of Swineboi Cartoon Show Season 5 Hiphop Culture: Puccini – “TRACK 01” (DONALD TRUMP PROTEST CARTOON) we can see a beat come to life, a very politically distressed life that is. With a whole mob of angry mickey mouse protesters and instantly classic cartoon of Donald Trump, it’s clear a message is trying to be put across. Take what you can from the full release below:

F*CK DONALD TRUMP CARTOON | Puccini – “TRACK 01” *MF Exclusive*

I use the term “beat” loosely in the last paragraph, in all honesty the track feels like it was orchestrated for this video. It’s truly mesmerizing to see a hoard of Disney’s mascots burn down the city in a major protest. These Mickey’s even seem to have a vampire leader that would otherwise get lost in the crowd. I say that fully convinced that his guitar abilities wouldn’t be up to par without his fangs. Although it is important to acknowledge that Trump is every bit the reason these protests even broke out to begin with, so perhaps that just adds fuel to the flame of chaos.

Mickey Mouse Donald Trump Protest Cartoon
Mickey Mouse Hoard at Donald Trump Protest Cartoon

Regardless of how one may interpret the content at hand, it’s clear that this cartoon isn’t as upbeat and friendly as most may expect from a video with flashy colors and simple designs. But with the political uproar radiating around us, this somewhat morbid cartoon seems to be all too relatable in today’s world. Within the past month there’s been countless articles on his actions involving Iranian Major General, Qasem Soleimani, Trump’s Impeachment and loads of other lesser relevant topics. So it typically seems like one tends to either love or hate the man. Where do you stand?

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