Psycho & Vampz "Caged" Shoot

Today, January 25th, 2020, marks our third release with “The New Face of Punk”. Psycho & Vampz have finally released their music video for “Caged”. Watch this unforgettable music video below:

Psycho & Vampz – “Caged” (MF Exclusive Music Video)

With previous ragers like “Ain’t Shit” & “DGAF”, it’s no wonder why these two are the spearhead of current punk. Perhaps their sound consisting of sludgy guitar riffs and banshee screams coated with distorted 808s has earned them the title. But to give credit where due, their crusty sense of fashion certainly shines light on their punk credit.

“Caged” happens to be the first release off of Psycho & Vampz’ “Riot EP”. Similarly, each of the six releases from the EP will be released with their very own music video. In order to get an idea of what’s to come, listed below is the tracklist for this EP.

Psycho & Vampz
Psycho & Vampz

Psycho & Vampz – “Riot EP” Tracklist

  1. “Caged”
  2. “High Voltage”
  3. “Riot”
  4. ?
  5. “B-52”
  6. “What It Really Do”

Unfortunately, the fourth song is not named “?”, but rather you will just have to stay tuned to find out. Luckily, each music video will be dropped 1-2 weeks apart from its predecessor. To stay updated, be sure to Subscribe on YouTube, and follow the proceeding Instagrams:



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