Freely Spoken Commands You to “Get Back”. Welcome to His Moshing Paradise

“Get Back” – from FREELY SPOKEN – is a behemoth of a track. There’s really just one way to say it; this shit goes hard.  

But in any case, I gotta say that the bass on this track is what I need more of in my life.  Freely Spoken’s lyrics and delivery are fantastic, but damn- the beat just takes it there. Freely Spoken lives up to his name, delivering a crushing aural assault and flowing over it like butter. I had to turn my speakers up when I first heard this, it’s just real heavy shit. The producer, Hector Vaé, is also working on Freely Spoken’s upcoming project, “Low Life” (single from that project found here). The video for “Get Back”, shot at a show in Akron, Ohio where Freely Spoken resides, is visually impressive and gives a whole new definition for the word hype.

The hook, a super heavy showdown against toxic, would-be friends, might be the best part of the song. As the beat creeps along, Freely Spoken stamps into the airwaves a healthy dose of righteous indignation. And when the hook slows down a few clicks near the end it’s straight-up brutal. I mean fists swinging and spin kicks spinning. Definitely a song that leaves me wanting more just like it. I mean, come on, that beat is wild, and Freely Spoken’s bars are heat.


So yeah, bump this one real loud, cop a noise complaint. 


Overall Rating: 5/5



If you wanna see more of Freely Spoken, you can check him out below:



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