Breezy Supreme on Getting Stabbed, Being Held at Gunpoint, Burning the Bible + Ball Busting Fetish
Breezy Supreme

From the very beginning of my chat with Breezy Supreme I knew we had someone special on our hands. At first I truly couldn’t tell if I was working with the mind of a music mastermind or perhaps another type of special… Nonetheless, Breezy Supreme is a one of a kind musician who’s life story could probably relate to that of a character out of Grand Theft Auto.

Sprouting from the DMV area, Breezy is an artist that has been travelling since his youth and doesn’t seem to plan on stopping that any time soon. Match that with his eclectic taste in music, and his unique sound starts to make some sense. Surprisingly, that sound and his image have yet to find a suitable platform ready to collaborate on a release. So at the time of this interview, practically all work (marketing, writing, videography) seems to be done in house. Despite the lack of any huge time platform adopting Breezy’s music, his manager, @sleazyy.b, does what seems to be everything in his power to support his only artist.

See the full hour long interview below, it’s well worth the watch, he even touches on eating Doja Cat’s ass:

Full Breezy Supreme x Masked Faces Interview

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