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Yvette Santana, an LGBTQ author, and poet discusses her books 50 Shades of Tasting Her Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 in an interview with Masked Faces. “I’m trying to do something special for the gay community especially because I feel like not only are poets underrated, I feel like the entire gay community is underrated as far as how much talent we bring to the table and how diverse we are and how much we can do.” This passionate young author expresses very sexual, homosexual content that stresses both love and lust through a poetic and novelistic medium. “I wanted to involve emotions and trigger every ounce of emotion that’s humanly possible,” in successfully doing so, Yvette Santana artfully plays with these feelings in both books.

As if the content wasn’t unique already, the formatting makes these stories all the more intriguing. These books are poetic novels; they are poetry pieces that create a storyline. “The storyline is of two females exploring their sexuality with each other,” Yvette tells Masked Faces, “exploring their boundaries, testing who they are, who they want to become, but doing it together.” The story shows the beauty of companionship, falling in love, and testing boundaries.

Many relevant topics of today are touched upon indirectly, all of which readers will either consciously or subconsciously connect with. For example, the topic of BDSM is included within the storyline to push the idea that females are “shamed into hiding [their] sexual beings and hiding who [they] are and hiding who [they] want to explore to be” and encourages comfort in individuality and shamelessness in sexuality and sexual desire to all of her readers. With the understanding that females today, unfortunately, receive an abundance of hate when exposing their sexualities, it is considered “unladylike” to the public. So if this is the case, why start with this story at the beginning of her writing career? For the simple understanding that in a way that is contradictory to the expectancy that females should be ladylike… sex sells.

Inspired by her own relationship, she states “My book to me is more than just a book, its a brand and it is who I am,” and later asks a common question, “why should you have to live a certain way and accommodate yourself to please everybody else?” A bold question that undoubtedly many people ask when discovering themselves as an individual. To put the question to rest, Yvette follows up with an answer as bold as the question itself, “You just have to be stronger than that. You know that you are doing something powerful… you are somebody powerful.”

Naturally, every thought and opinion must form from somewhere. Whether it is an idea or an action we did or didn’t agree with, or were inspired by. For this flourishing author, it was other authors and other individuals close to her who left strong impressions. As a result, she encourages networking, collaboration, and strong support of other creators. With content that follows a strong and inspirational message, this book is worth every moment of time, especially for those who may be in the process of finding themselves as unique individuals.

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