Yung Attila Artist Profile

Last month we had the honor of being able to premiere the first video from Yung Attila’s new mixtape called “Moist”(which can be found here). In honor of Yung Attila releasing his new mixtape, Moist, we got together to get a deeper look at who Yung Attila really is. Being a mixed kid sprouting from the Lower East Side of New York City (he now resides in the Upper East Side), Yung Attila was able to find a place for himself in music. He goes on to describe his work under Yung Attila as mostly self-produced contemporary music with elements of RnB and trap rap. Attila’s music is partially inspired by artists like Ski Mask The Slump God, XXXtentacion and Denzel Curry. But keeping in mind Attila’s location, it is no wonder that the artist developed an eclectic taste. His taste is diverse enough that beyond his work under that moniker (Yung Attila), he is also in a solo math rock band called The Venus De Melos and even talks about looking up to bands like Fall of Troy and Animals as Leaders.

Digging deeper into what inspires Attila, he frequently mentions his adoration towards women and establishes them as a driving force behind much of his work. He even goes as far as to confidently say his vision of a higher power is certainly a woman. It’s important to note that he does not consider himself to be religious although his experiences in places of worship started making sense to him when he replaced the word God with Universe. Attila then went on about how he understands that so much around us is living and is capable of feeling.

Attila was able to go in depth on some of his experiences with drugs. He made it clear that he would not consider himself a heavy drinker but went on to describe red wine as a tool used to make most anything enjoyable. Following that Attila spoke of his experiences with a variety of drugs like Shrooms, LSD and others. Most of these stories came from at least a year ago and it seemed like at this point in his life, most of the heavier drug use is behind him. These stories included pieces about getting strip-searched on molly, being dehydrated on Molly, going to a from California while high on acid one way and shrooms the other. These days smoking weed and drinking seem to be his main drugs of choice. But Attila admitted to having a slight dependence on marijuana, claiming that it essentially just eats up more money than he wishes to spend on the substance.

Attila’s passion is clear and if he is able to stick with this path and continue to make the right moves there is really no saying where he will end up.


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