The Villain Drops Self-Produced EP, “BIRTHDAY BANGERS 2.”

20 Year old Mexican rapper/producer, The Villain, just released his latest EP, “BIRTHDAY BANGERS 2.” (Released on November 25th of this year). Across practically any platform one might be able to find The Villian on, his quality work does not seem to get the recognition it deserves. Clean, eye-catching artwork, A1 production and bars that seem to coat any beat touched like a tasteful spread of icing. And to add fuel to the flames, this entire EP was produced by none other than The Villain himself. Typically someone with as little recognition as The Villain is not expected to self produce. Nonetheless, this eager young artist, defied the odds by taking his vision into his own hands. 

The Villain

Coming out of Middlesex County, NJ (claiming the Perth Amboy/ Keasbey areas), The Villian grew up with an eclectic taste of Rock, RnB, Pop, Jazz and most notably Rap/Hip-Hop. Drawing clear inspiration from all different corners of his taste, the largest source of inspiration for this release was Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. The goal with this piece of work was described by the Villain as an effort “to make the listener catch some sort of vibe when they press the play button”, from intro to outro. Stream the album below and decide for yourself!

Moving forward, The Villain and his team, 88 Sounds (consisting of The Villain, Cynatra & deethagemini) have quite a bit in the works! With plans for The Villain to drop yet another EP (I Come Alive in the Night) as well as more releases from the other two members of his collective, the team seems convinced 2020 will be their year. The Villain even went as far as to say this will be their year for world domination. Dare I say that with enough continued hard work and ambition, that idea just might come to life?

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