Music 4 Everyone – Bad Ties Fourth record Music 4 No One Vol. 1 (Review)

There are few albums out there that have you hooked from the moment they start. Music 4 No One Vol. 1 by Asheville group Bad Ties is one of those albums. This record is their fourth independent release and they intend on giving it lots of love throughout 2020. I’m honoured to be a part of the group that’s giving it love because this record definitely deserves it.

The group formed in 2017 and have already put out four records which is an incredibly impressive achievement. They consist of poet Garland Wells, bassist Billy Reed, Jacob Moran on Keys, Guitar, and Beats, and Jason Chrisman on the Tenor Sax. Any group with a core saxophonist is going to be an absolute favorite in my books. The sprinkling of jazz flavor over post-punk poetry gives the music a smoothness you never knew you needed. Trust me, get a little more jazz into your diet.

Everything about this album took a lot of the best parts from a couple of different genres and mashed them together. If you’re a fan of spoken word poetry, you’re going to love Bad Ties. They’ve described their sound as a mix of spoken word poetry, post-punk flavored bass, and trip-hop beats. And reading that on the page doesn’t really give you a good indication of what they’re going to sound like, because you HAVE to listen to the album to hear how they’ve played with it.

First of all, I think this album is perfect to go on to set a relaxed mood. The first track has a good amount of energy; however, you’ll find that most of the album errs on a more relaxed beat. This allows for that spoken word to come through above everything. The lyrics themselves are clever, playing on all the great things you can do with the rhythm that naturally occurs when you string together specific sounds. Bad Ties highlights their skill as wordsmiths but maintain a cheeky edge through their homage to post-punk and trip-hop sounds.

In all, I think I’ll be keeping Bad Ties in my rotation for a little while. You can check out the album in so many places. Give them some direct love by purchasing it for anything from $1 USD over on Bandcamp.

Here are some other places you can show Bad Ties some love:

Sound Cloud


And of course, check them out on Spotify or Apple Music.

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