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On July 12th 2019 we were lucky enough to be invited to one of @dmnckalxndr’s parties, where we were free to interview whoever was available. Merely seeing LiveLikeDavis’ name was more than enough to spark our fancy. With dangerously catchy hits like Beyblade and INSOMNIA, we had to tap into the Brooklyn-native’s mind. But considering all of Davis’ accomplishments thus far, including getting verified on Instagram and even being on a track with the world renowned Waka Flaka Flame, we were a bit weary that the artist may have been a bit out of our league. But to my surprise Davis was actually quite humble and personable all things considered.

Straight off the bat, Davis’ confidence was glistening in such a way that was by no means boastful. Instead, it’s more so that he has found himself as an artist and in doing so is able to captivate people’s attention, all while he’s able to have fun with his career. That same energy is carried out into his live performances resulting in a high energy memorable experience every time. But Davis makes sure that his live shows are not the only part of his craft that’s memorable, with colorful fun videos to some of his best songs it’s no wonder that views by the tens of thousands are racking up on each video release.

He manages to keep pushing all this content out without even being signed. With plans to one day sign the right deal that would work for both himself and the record label, he remains working independently with his team. But Davis made it clear that his team was just as valuable as he is in grand scheme of all the content that comes out. When it does come time for the man to sign, the sky will really be the limit as far as what Davis would be able to do with the right budget and connections.

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