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Feed The Mind is a new up-and-coming rapper coming straight out of the Bronx with a style that is lyrically dexterous, melodically playful, and sonically adventurous all at once with a distinctly New York attitude that no other city could ever quite mimic.  Having recently dropped both an album and a new video, he’s been on a roll lately and doesn’t seem like he’ll be quitting any time soon. 

Feed The Mind Live

The album, titled “Hunger Trap”, displays a palette of influences that range from 90s-inspired boom-bap tracks to the more melodic trap sound that in many ways seems to define this era.  Switching seamlessly back and forth between spitting and crooning, Feed The Mind weaves together intricate tales of sex, drugs, struggle, heartbreak, triumph, and family with a keen sense of storytelling that recalls that of artists such as J Cole and later-era Mac Miller.  The album’s lead single, “Nostradamus”, has Feed The Mind at his most hype and headstrong, firing off catchy bars like “LSD got my flow on autopilot” (which in and of itself could be a fair description of his stream-of-consciousness approach to lyricism).  This is aided in the song’s video by some trippy edits courtesy of babyflexfilms.  

Feed The Mind – “Nostradamus” (Official Music Video | Masked Faces Exclusive)

Overall, this project is a conscious, soulful, and heartfelt record that shows a willingness to experiment but never strays too far from the New York hip-hop roots from which it came.  Feed The Mind is an artist you’re going to want to keep your eyes on in the coming decade.  Be sure to check out Feed The Mind’s website here to get your fill on everything this promising artist is working on.

Hunger Trap Album Cover

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