Swineboi Cartoon Show Season 5 Hiphop Culture

Swineboi’s Cartoon Show: Season 5 “Hip-Hop Culture” complete season is now available on YouTube, a Masked Faces exclusive.


Christopher Garcia, known artistically as Swineboi, is a custom cartoon designer from Southern California. Swinboi creates animated music videos that bring a “nostalgic” feeling to former cartoon lovers and a sense of excitement to fans who still regularly enjoy adult cartoons like Rick and Morty. His music videos are primarily crafted in Microsoft Paint which helps give the animations their eccentric and irregular style.

Watching Season 5 “Hip-Hop Culture” on Masked Faces, you’ll also see a lot of mixed media such as hand-drawn paper cutouts and live image snippets, bringing another layer to these whimsical videos. Each time you watch, you’ll discover something new.

The music video series is a total of 25 episodes featuring artists from Gotti Benz and Kay the Yacht to Soulja Boy and Young Nudy. Season 5 “Hip-Hop Culture” has everything from Experimental Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi Rap, Trap, and more.

Southern Trap

This season presents an especially heavy Southern Trap influence. One great example is Episode 8: Kal Dirt’s “Free Dirt”. In this track, Kal Dirt narrates his own arrest with a lyrical style similar to Meek Mill. His vocal delivery resembles Lil Keed and Gunna. The bouncy melodies in “Free Dirt” will leave you replaying this video over and over again.

Emo Rap

For the Emo Rap fans, Cam Blake will draw you in with his velvety voice, comparable to 6lack. Cam describes his feelings of loneliness and his dependency on drugs to cope with the emptiness in Episode 2: Cam Blake’s “Scared and Lonely”.


If you’re in the mood for something a little more raw, check out Episode 23: Young Nudy x Msmalls’ “Relax”. Maintaining what Young Nudy is known for, Msmalls leads with a casual beat and conversational lyrics. Swineboi’s visual portrayal only elevates the song. Watching the cartoon music video for “Relax” feels like hanging out with the boys.

Stream the entirety of Swineboi’s Cartoon Show: Season 5 “Hip-Hop Culture” here.

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