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CRUELKAME is a mysterious figure.  One of the newest artists to hail from the legendary Trash Gang Collective, his Spotify bio reads:

“CRUELKAME is a super underground entity, based on a devious schizophrenic lowlife uncle tom who dresses up as a bunny when he hears voices. Rhymes are based on animal horror schemes and dream massacres of people from a victim turned predator aspect. There might be a person in there, somewhere..” 

Whoever this person or being is, the music delivers. 

Unique Appeal

In the incredibly oversaturated market that is today’s underground rap scene, CRUELKAME has managed to find his own unique sound.  While his music certainly embraces the darker aesthetic popular amongst today’s young rappers… CRUELKAME expresses this aesthetic not through bitcrushed 808 bass and screaming but rather through a low-key baritone delivery and a sense of rhythm arguably more indebted to the harder side of boom-bap than to that of Southern trap flow which dominates the airwaves of today’s rap mainstream.  Make no mistake, however, CRUELKAME’s sound is as aggressively modern as that of any hair-dyed trap rapper you’ll find on SoundCloud.

“Dead-Fi” Genre

Referring to his own style as “Dead-Fi”, there is a clear horrorcore influence in his sound; yet CRUEL makes a point to steer clear of the more garish and obvious or over-the-top territory which that subgenre so often falls into.  Lyrically his song topics range from video game references to current politics (the title of his song “FUCK HONG KONG POLICE” speaks for itself).  Dexterous lyricism is at times obscured by vocal layering, chopping, and pitch-shifting, so audiences will be rewarded by repeat listening.  CRUELKAME’s single “Halloween Poison Candy” is a go-to starting point to jump into his short current discography.  Keep an eye out for his upcoming single “I Killed You In A Past Life” which may be spontaneously released at any given moment, as is the method which CRUEL prefers to drop songs. 

We never know quite what to expect with this new up-and-comer.. But whatever it may be, we’re looking forward to it.

Stay tuned with CRUELKAME below:


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