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Growing up just outside of New York City, “Braj” aka Brendan Nolan constantly found himself making trips to the city and surrounding areas to experience as much music as he could. Having that opportunity, Braj realized the lack of appreciation some of the most passionate bands out there receive. Brendan created Masked Faces in early 2016 to create a community around the music that he loves so dearly.


Sean Selinske from Rockland County, NY graduated from SUNY Potsdam with a degree in music performance. He plays the bass trombone and attempts to play guitar and bass. Preferred genres include Death Metal, Ska, Funk, Indie, and Grunge


As a child, Mena constantly found herself conjuring up stories; making up new worlds, people, universes in my head. She would write them down as fast as possible, refusing to let a single drop of the story escape. Like an artist, painting a picture, but with words. Everyone all have a story to tell. Her goal as a writer and a filmmaker is to continue painting those pictures, and help people bring their stories to life.


Ryan Najjar likes writing words. Furthermore, he likes writing them well. Sometimes the words are about music, other times they’re about other things. He has a good time with it either way, honestly.


Douglas is from upstate New York and graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh. He grew up around music and has played guitar since he was 12. Doug is looking forward to bringing some fantastic new acts to other music fans!


Yung_ssfe or Safe Is A Upcoming Creative Entrepreneur, Who Does Artist Managing & Photography, The Artist That He Manages Are Friggy Billionss, Lou Scrappo, Lou Vou & ESM Ryda. Born & Raised In The Lower East Side Of Manhattan NYC.