Regulate is a New York straight edge band formed in 2012. The band consists of Sebastian Baba (Vocals), Jarred Chan (Guitar), Harry Corrigan (Drums), DanMax (Bass), and Micheal Botti (Guitar). The band is reminiscent of 90’s hardcore bands such as FloorPunch, Champion, and Bane. The band’s songs tackle topics about race, sober identity, political corruption, societal expectations, conformity and the perception of living outside of the supposed “normal” culture. Regulates breakdowns accompanied by Sebastian lyrics will make you want to dive off of the nearest stage you see.

In 2016 Regulate put out Years of Rage. The album was well received by hardcore heads and metalheads alike.  In 2018 Regulate put out their first LP titled In Promise of Another Tomorrow. This album was another success and in July of 2018 Regulate played This is Hardcore in Philadelphia. In Promise of Another Tomorrow deals with societal conformity. The lyrics from Mindcrime “Forced to decide what to do with your life 18 and you better get it right. Conform or fail, the worlds a hammer and you’re the nail”. The song portrays a world where people conform at an early age to what they believe they are supposed to do without having enough life experience to make the proper decision.  Regulate has come a long way from playing shows at pizza places in upstate New York. Regulate is a top recommendation to any hardcore, screamo, metal or beatdown fan. What makes Regulate special is one of their key messages. No matter what you look like, where you come from or what your creed is. You are responsible for your own life. No one can put you in a box on what you should or shouldn’t be.  These lyrics from the song Anti Spectrum some up the importance of this band “Sorry, I’m not the rest you met ive never been like the others won’t and I won’t spend my life. Just being of color”.

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