K D6ATHH Artist Profile

K D6ATHH aka KELLY D6ATHH HARDT gives us an exclusive look into who he is both as a musician and an individual. Sprouting from Coney Island, New York with a family-like relation to his close friends, K is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Those friends are some of New York’s most promising up and coming creatives who delve deep in music and fashion including @chubbyelhefe_rk . K being able to work so closely with the ones he loves allows for a certain fluidity in his own work that radiates confidence.

Despite being someone who indulges in psychedelic drugs and treats his anxiety with marijuana, K makes it clear that he’s not advocating others to follow suit. Ultimately it seems as though K would rather follow how he feels instead of attempting to preach a certain message or restrict himself to a certain style. K summarizes his performances¬†as “filled with a whole lot of energy a whole lot of love and a whole lot of smoking.” Considering all our time with K it seemed evident that more than anything he was a passionate character with eager to spread love and dive deeper into his craft.

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