How to Pull Senoritas in NYC

NYC, the greatest city in the world, doubles as a leader in epicenters of senoritas in the United States of America. A conglomerate of five boroughs each with its’ own unique flavor of people, the metropolis is truly a melting pot. With so many people and different backgrounds, it is a city where standing out is no easy task. After all, New York is a place where city-goers overlook blatant obscenities on a near daily basis. Any nyc compilation online tends be full of bizarre moments, but real New Yorkers know that the city is much more explicit than that which is allowed to be posted on a website like YouTube. Good Looks? Money? What is it that really draws the attention of people who are so unphased?

Chubnacio – “Senorita”

Standing Out & Thriving

Today we here at Masked Faces are so proud to showcase the music video for “Senorita” by Chubnacio. In this music video, Chubnacio is seen swarmed by many senoritas as he gracefully walks over the Spanish guitarwork. Looking closely, it is shocking to see that Chubnacio does not even appear to be flexing whatsoever, he is unapologetically himself. Perhaps it is the dashing good looks of this mushroom branded face… Although beyond physical features, that same mushroom branded face provides a certain energy that radiates through the works he continues to release. That electric connection between listener and artist is something so sacred. Very few but those at the very top of the music food chain ever seem to get close to such a miracle.

Chubnacio – “SENORITA” (Official Music Video | Masked Faces Exclusive)

From what’s been gathered here, seems like connection is king when it comes to the senoritas.

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