Girl Gaze

“Reasons unknown; I have to be alone. Caught in my mind; I’m sure I’m wasting my time. Being anywhere, anyone, alone”.  In the song Suddenly; These words reflect a pessimistic view of the world while being complemented by Jazzy influenced drums, a vibrant piano, and soulfully layered guitar and bass. The listener feels the complacency of being lost and alone. Girl Gaze is a 5 piece band out of New Paltz New York.  Comprised of Emily Charash (guitar/keys), Michaela Passero,  (vocals and /keys), Cat Delaus (vocals), Isabel Deranieri (bass) and Julia Oppedisano (drums).  Girl Gaze released their debut album Fade Out on October 26th, 2018.  The album combines elements of Jazz, Pop, and lo-fi influences. For the past two years, the band has been impressing audiences around New York. Playing shows in Long Island, Albany, New Paltz, and other locations. Girl Gaze vividly captures the young female experience by tackling topics of relationships, complacency, escaping reality, reclusion, doubt, and pessimism. Despite the dark content of the lyrics the instrumentals are beautifully bright, vibrant and inviting. Girl Gaze music directly reflects the name of the band. The listener is put into a gaze of the young females experiences. On the song Shadow, the song showcases a person being the direct shadow of a significant other and eventually becoming a shadow of oneself. The song reflects someone getting lost in someone else and losing their independence. In Fade Out, Girl Gaze has authentically crafted an album that truly puts the listener in a young girls gaze. Questioning life’s meaning, questioning of oneself and questioning others. Girl Gaze’s lyrics symbolize self-doubt, vacillation, indecision and the mind-numbing obsession with feeling absolutely alone. While the lyrics provide pessimism the instrumentation provides a bright optimism. The instrumentation gives the sounds of hope, ambition, and desire to overcome your own mind and societal expectations. Fade Out is truly one of the most unique albums that I have ever listened to.  You can follow Girl Gaze on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can listen to them on Apple Music, Bandcamp, and Spotify. 



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