Getting Gritty with Toronto Rapper Jay Remi’s New Track “Whatchu Want” MF Exclusive

“The video shows a day in the life of a couple rockstars in Downtown Toronto as they turn up and trap throughout the city. Zargo is a rapper from Toronto known for throwing the craziest parties and killing it on stage. Jay Remi is a rapper and producer from Montreal who is well known throughout his area for several different reasons. The song was produced by Jay Remi himself, as part of he & Zargo’s collaborative “ROCKSTAR EP”. The video was filmed by Addem Mills from Montreal, directed by Toronto’s own Chxrly7, and edited by Fhinq Entertainment in Germany.”

With the type of grittiness in his voice that the likes of popular New York rapper, 6ix9ine is known for, there is no telling when Jay Remi is truly going to explode in popularity. And it is important to keep in mind that Toronto is one of, if not the hottest spot in Canada for up and coming musicians, even Drake’s roots go back to Toronto. A few more collaborations, tour, and the natural development that artists acquire over time may be all this Toronto rapper needs to start getting the recognition he deserves.

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