Who is Don Juan?

The name Don Juan has historically been known to refer to a real womanizer. Over the years since that name was first seen in Spanish literature in the early 1600’s, there have been countless adaptations of the name/character. Most recently we’ve seen DonJuanJody embody this image. But his charismatic abilities run much deeper than that of romance. DonJuanJody first appeared on our radar far before he was anywhere near as established as he is today. “Fanta Boy” was our first taste of Jody and he has since been able to breathe life into every beat he jumps on. He also expanded from just throwing up tracks online to cooking up entertaining music videos like “A View From The Bottom” & “FIRST SUNDAY (Fanta Boy)”.

Who’s Scoring?

Today we are proud to present our latest collaboration with DonJuanJody on his music video release for “Who’s Scoring?”. This home movie made by Jody himself tastefully adds a visual medium to this heavy hitting track! Shockingly, this is almost immediately after there was an altercation at Jody’s apartment where bullets were flying (click here for more on that). With that in mind, it is clear that Jody is not going down without a fight! Watch the full music video below and stay tuned to follow Jody’s inspirational journey to stardom!

DonJuanJody – “Who’s Scoring?” (Official Music Video | Masked Faces Exclusive)

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