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Who is JacobyMccrayTM?

From the moment his video for “Sushi” started, I was faced with the question, who is JacobyMccrayTM? With his glitchy video edits and seamless song production, it’s no wonder his passionate work is still a topic of conversation all these months later. A topic of conversation that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon....

Souljah Star Hyper Trap

Is Hyper-Trap the New Genre Shaking the Music Industry?

When hearing a new genre we tend to either gravitate towards the originality and overall potential of the newly paved lane, or get dissuaded from the sheer boldness that makes an experimental sound. With the case of Souljah Star we are faced with the question, is Hyper-Trap the new genre shaking the music industry today?...

Lil House Phone + Big Grease Drop Music Video for “Target”

Lil House Phone + Big Grease Drop Music Video for “Target”

Lil House Phone from the popular podcast “The No Jumper Show” hops on a feature for Big Grease’s latest hit, “Target”. With such a riveting team of two artists on a track, it’s no wonder that No Jumper’s Lil House Phone + Big Grease Drop Music Video for “Target” as featured below: Lil House Phone...

Kal Dirt smoking backwoods

Kal Dirt – “Clout Chasing” Trap Cartoon

Here is Swineboi Cartoon Show Season 5 Hiphop Culture: Episode 08 Kal Dirt – “Clout Chasing”If you enjoy trapping and the finer things in life, this MS Paint style cartoon is certainly. And truth be told, the song is an absolute bop bound to have you vibing out! Watch the full cartoon music video below:...

FROSTisRAD Cold Heart Cop Naruto Heart


Here is Swineboi Cartoon Show Season 5 Hiphop Culture: Episode 07 FROSTisRAD – “Cold Heart” If you don’t like cops, but love anime, this one’s for you! Watch the complete episode below: Watch the entirety of Swineboi Cartoon Show Season 5 Hiphop Culture here. OR if you’d like to see all of our music releases, click...

Chanelle Kazadi Therapist Session

Chanelle Kazadi “Asylum” Official Music Video

A few months back we had the pleasure of interviewing Chanelle Kazadi. Now she’s back on Masked Faces with the Official Music Video for her latest track, “Asylum”. What starts off as what seems to be a therapist appointment ends up being quite the unexpected journey. Tag along on this crazy journey, watch the full...

Pharaoh, The Absolute - "TOO NUMB" Cartoon

Pharaoh, The Absolute – “TOO NUMB (Prod. LAC)” Official Music Video Cartoon Release

Pharaoh, The Absolute drops Official Music Video Cartoon for “TOO NUMB (Prod. LAC)”. This track sounds like an old school punk anthem coated with 808’s as the cherry on top. For fans of Zillakami, Breezy Supreme, City Morgue and more! See the multimedia cartoon masterpiece (by Swineboi) below: This has been Swineboi Cartoon Show Season...